Friday, October 2, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion...

So, I've entered yet another contest... this one, however, isn't a bank account breaker :D It's hosted by Stella Cameron on her Web Site and is called the Scarlet Boa. The coveted prize? A Boa, of course... and a read by a Mira editor.

Now for the shameless pimping part...

The finalists are chosen via outside voting... there are over a hundred entries... though the entries are short, that is a LOT of entries. I figure, I need to get some peeps there to vote for ME, of course...

So! Go here: click on the entries. I'm number 29... let me say it again.. 29.. Read the entry and if you have something nice to say :) go back to the front page and click on the voting button and VOTE FOR ME :D

Okay... I'm done being shameless


1 comment:

  1. K, i pimped this on my blog too. not the give a girl one, but my personal one. :)